ArtEscape 2017

Unique retreat program for nature and the arts in collaboration with Isadora Duncan International Institute


“I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
Vincent van Gogh

Elena Michailou and Dimitri Vassilakis, together with their ArtEscape team, present a retreat for the arts and nature in an environment of unsuppressed beauty and purity, deep in the high mountains of mainland Greece.

Period: 1-4/6/2017- Location: Lake Plastira / Agrafa mountains.,21.786395&sll=39.299091,21.786395&sspn=0.072722,0.135548&t=h

The area is one of the 5 cleanest environments in the world as voted by UNESCO.

See magical moments from our ArtEscape 2016:


special tribute at ANT TV main news!

This action (1-4/6/2017) is an extended program of the «Festival Of The Delphic Games 2017», in collaboration with Isadora Duncan International Institute from New York.

"Apollo & The Muses" tour music from "Stream Of Life" Dimitri Vassilakis with IDII


- Yoga, tai chi chuan, qi gong
- Trails in the Agrafa area, gathering of seasonal seeds
- Biking & archery at Lake Plastira
- Music, dance and theater, improvisation and therapy elements through the arts

The purpose of this unique retreat program is to rejuvenate, refresh, boost and recharge our energy through a cleansing procedure of body, mind and artistic expression.

ArtEscape reveals 2 contrasting paths, like a Pythia’ s oracle, or yin–yang.
One path leads to our escaping from daily practices, routines and express ourselves artistically and the other is to find our own “escape” inside ourselves to focus on our endless potential, in a pure environment close to nature.

The uniqueness of the concept lies in the active involvement of the participants to achieve a holistic elevation of body and mind, through a very well structured and concentrated daily program.
At the end of the program the participant groups will present their own versions of ancient myths in a multi-theatre performance.

Participation fee: $1.200
(Limited number of participants!, last booking by May 19th, early booking by May 5th: $1.100).


- Travel to and from Athens or Delphi and regional travel
- 5 star hotel and spa resort:
- Accommodation including full board
- Free use of all spa and other amenities
- All fees for instructors, water bikes, archery and horse riding.

To apply please kindly provide the following information:


- Age:

- Nationality:

- Education:

- Profession:

- Languages:

- Art experience (music, dance, theater, visual arts):

- Athletic experience (favorite sports and nature activities):

- Other interests / hobbies:

- Medical conditions or allergies if any:

- Food preferences if any (vegetarian or vegan):

- Have you been to Greece before (vacation / work / education / similar program):

To find out more about the program in detail contact:

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- Art escape Team:

Elena Michailou: music and dance educator, orff specialist, professional athlete

Dimitri Vassilakis: award winning jazz musician, composer, writer, educator, researcher, and amateur runner.

Team also includes:
Certified yoga, tai chi teacher:
George Hatzimanolis, MSc. CEP, ACSM HFS certified

Theater instructor, director and psychotherapist:
Dimitris Begioglou

Public relations & press Christina Tzamala
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Photos & videos by Kostas Pozabalidis and Thanos Vedouras
@Aerial destination




Elena Michailou was born in Stockholm Sweden in 1972. She studied dance for 6 years with Zouzou Nikoloudi at National Ballet School Athens, then followed the graduate course for Pre-School Education graduated in 1992, and the 2 year postgraduate course for Orff Schoolwork at Moraitis School graduated in 1994. She has also studied guitar, saxophone and harmony at P. Nakas Music School in Athens.

She has participated in numerous Summer International courses, at the Orff Institute “Mozarteum” in Salzburg Austria.

A professional volleyball athlete 1980-1994.

She has worked as Pre School Teacher for private Schools, Conservatories, State Schools through Greek Educational Institute.

A collaborator for the postgraduate course Orff Schulwerk at Moraitis School.

As a Vice President of HOSA (Hellenic Orff Schulwerk Association), she co-organized and presented a workshop at  the 1st Hellenic Orff- Schulwerk Festival in Athens September 2002 inviting important speakers and presenters as Doug Goodkin, Barbara Haselbach, Sofia Lopez-Ibor, Ulrike Jungmair, Werner Beidinger.

She participated presenting workshop at the reinstatement of the Delphic Games July 2005/May 2017, organized by Isadora Duncan International Institute, Jeanne Bresciani and the Mayor of Delphi.

She has presented Orff workshops and seminars in Greece at Moraitis School, at the Children’s Museum in Athens etc and abroad at Skidmore College New York April 2006, Hellenic Center in London June 2006, at the opening of the American Orff Association (NUCCAOSA), at the Village Community School and at Columbia University in New York October 2006.

She directed an Orff Schulwerk course for children and adults in Markopoulo-Attica where she averaged more than 100 students 2006-2015.

She has presented TV and Radio programs about Orff Schulwerk in Greece and has written articles about music and dance education for the HOSA magazine: “Rythmoi”.

She has also worked for the theater, co-directing, dancing and acting for the multi performance play “generator” combining poetry, prose, dance and jazz. Play was presented at theaters in Athens, festivals, and at the Artemis Temple in Vravrona Attika (2013-2014).

Since 2017 is the director of educational programs at the Apollonian botanical garden in Delphi.


Dimitri Vassilakis is an internationally acclaimed, award winning Greek saxophonist/vocalist and composer.

Has recorded 5 albums for historic jazz label Candid Records.

Awarded album of the month from BBC Music magazine and 2nd jazz album of the year from the BBC for "Labyrinth" that has become the subject of study at several universities like Yale.

"Parallel Lines" has received great critical acclaim, from jazz times, a trio suite with Jeff "Tain" Watts and Essiet Essiet dedicated to Sonny Rollins.

"Across The Universe" his vocal debut has produced world touring and great reviews

Discography tribute at Downbeat:

Jazz Times interview:

Has appeared at New York clubs Birdland, Zinc, Smalls, Kitano, Dizzy' s, Jazz Showcase Chicago and major festivals such as London Jazz Festival-Ronnie Scott's, Smithsonian Festival DC at the American History Museum. Has appeared for 2 Greek presidents and USA ex-president Bill Clinton. 

Other programs included Delphic games, Herodion, Lycabettus for the Athens festival,

Playing and producing programs at Dizzy' s Jazz at The Lincoln Center, with the aid of the Onassis Foundation and artist residencies at US Universities.

Branding with Bentley worldwide

«Jazz Democracy» @ TEDx Tokyo & Athens

jazz democracy for AITION TV

Organizer and artistic director of Mirabello Jazz Festival (Crete ) and Rhodes Jazz Festival.

Researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta USA, for artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience and jazz mapping. 


“Infinite grace poetry and passion”

A rhapsodic stylist of immense power and authority.”

BBC Music Magazine (Daedalus Project - Labyrinth voted 2nd jazz album of the year 2002)

“Greek saxophone prodigy Dimitri Vassilakis is revered as the Hellenic god of post-modern expression.»

New York Press – Live at Birdland review



George Hatzimanolis, MSc. CEP, ACSM HFS certified

A graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a BSc in exercise physiology.
He has been studying and practicing physical culture methods and energy arts from the Far East for more than one and a half decade. He teaches group exercise classes for adults and specializes in the following exercise methods:

1 - traditional Qigong sets (Ba Duan Jin, Yi jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Shiba Luohan Gong, Sheng Zhen Qigong), which target the cultivation of vital energy by opening up and strengthening jīngluò channels though which it flows.

2 - Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Dimitris Begioglou


"Nature’ s mirror is our basic psychic map.

Sharing psychodramatic exercises, practices in silence and meditation, we will try to deeply understand and appreciate our inner self, realize our place in the eternal moment, and connect through consciousness with the infinite scope of existence." 

He studied psychology at the University of Athens, and Clinical Psychology at Paris 8, has completed theatre studies at Themelio Drama School plus music, classical guitar and singing.

For the past 11 years he is the main coordinator, actor, teacher and composer-singer-performer for Playback Theater in Greece. Through his 20-year professional involvement in theater and music he offers a holistic approach to therapy and the arts.




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