Ariadne's Thread
   Pasiphae's Dance
   Oracle Of The Wise One
   Icarus In Flight
   Theseus And Minotauros
   Blue In Green

Dimitrios Vassilakis: soprano / tenor saxes; David Liebman: soprano / tenor saxes; Marc Johnson: bass; Ralph Peterson: drums / trumpet; Jamey Haddad: drums / percussion; Andy Sheppard: soprano / tenor saxes; Theodosii Spassov: kaval; Emmanuel Saridakis: piano / hammond organ; George Contrafouris: piano.

All compositions and arrangements by Dimitrios Vassilakis (AEPI),

except Epitaph (Fripp, McDonald, Lake, Giles, & Sinfield) and Blue in Green (Davis & Evans).

(C) (P) 2001


"Infinite grace, poetry and passion inform this labyrinthine music… an excellent saxophonist and composer."
BBC Music Magazine (Jazz album of the month, March 2002)


Voted 2nd Jazz Album Of The Year 2002 at the BBC internet vote! 

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"Album of the year." Jazz Review

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