PARALLEL LINES Candid Records © 2005

"Infinite grace, poetry and passion
"Greek saxophone prodigy Dimitri Vassilakis is revered as the Hellenic god of post-modern expression as he proves on his provocative new CD Parallel Lines (Candid). A rhapsodic stylist of immense power and authority."
London Jazz Festival 2005

" album that's filled with exquisite musicianship, fire, and hard-swinging grooves—could justifiably put Greek saxophonist Dimitrios Vassilakis on the who’s who list of world-class reed players..."
All About Jazz
Mark F. Turner - All About Jazz (7/06)

"A very impressive trio outing...explosive in its impact, with Vassilakis’s energized and inventive soloing on tenor and soprano, (suggestive at times of Sonny Rollins and David Liebman respectively), surging over the propulsive rhythms, but also incorporating subtler use of light and shade and musical colour. The groove tracks are a kind of meditation, while the last track "The Drum Think" is a dramatic tenor/drums overdub."
Jazzwise * * * *

"Greek saxophonist Dimitri Vassilakis' third album for Candid Parallel Lines, swings hard from start to finish, and does both Vassilakis and his primary influence, Sonny Rollins, proud.
The music is fresh, organic, and energized. Ideas tumble out of Vassilakis' tenor and there's a depth to his tone, which reminds you, happily, of Rollins and another notable Rollins descendant, David S. Ware. Essiet Okon Essiet and Jeff "Tain" Watts both contribute passionate solos, but most of the album is Vassilakis', and he strides out with vigor and sustained invention.
A very fine album from a player who is only now approaching first maturity."
All About Jazz

“Tenor and soprano saxophonist Vassilakis leads a trio that includes bassist Essiet Essiet and drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts in a set of venturesome groove-based originals. He has nice chops, plenty of energy and a modestly original approach...I’ve little doubt that if these three played live, it would burn...We get a hint of that on the final cut, “The Drum Think,” whereupon Vassilakis and Watts??? go one-on-one to some inspired ends...”
Jazz Times October 06
Chris Kelsey

“...The album kicks off as it means to continue, overflowing with hard-toned, high-powered swing...performance is conducted with ecstatic style and the music is bright and brand new...the tenor’s tone has considerable depth and Vassilakis leads all the way, his composition and playing both sustaining an infinity of poetic elegance...This trio is one classy act and in this creation delivers a hot, but sweet, expressive warmth...”
Cardiff Jazz Society
Ken Cheetham
March 2006

“...His timbre is soaked in thick, slow harmonic molasses...On “The Drum Think” Vassilakis plays both instruments, immersed in sonic conversation he enables the drum set to participate in the dialogue by tuning the drumheads to select tones...Whether at the forefront of the band on tenor and soprano saxophones, in a supporting role on the drum set, or supplying atmosphere with his voice, Vassilakis sets himself apart from his idols while striving evermore for his personal sound...”
One Way Magazine LA
Jason Sklar

"Vassilakis fizzes with energy and boots around neo-bop with easy freedom, the music is powered by phenomenal drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts and bassist Essiet Okon Essiet, to produce a trio date with a disproportionately big sound."
City Life

"Greece’s most famous jazz musician" with drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts and bassist Essiet Okon Essiet have faultless technique and abundant musical ideas. From the post-boppish title track and the briskly endearing Little One, Vassilakis has the kind of attack on saxophone that made Eric Dolphy such a distinguished player.
You’d be hard pushed to find fresher, more intelligent jazz anywhere." Recommended/ Eastern Daily Press * * * *

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