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"Infinite grace poetry and passion"                                          
"...a rhapsodic stylist of immence power and authority..."                    

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"Infinite grace poetry and passion...Dimitri Vassilakis is revered as the Hellenic god of post modern expression. A rhapsodic stylist of immense power and authority"

BBC Radio 3 London Jazz Festival


Press cuts:


 “Jazz among the Greek Gods…Dimitri Vassilakis brings fresh, organic and energized music to the Smithsonian… He uses his Greek heritage to create a warm, bright tone with a distinctively Mediterranean/Balkan intonation.”
Smithsonian Festival Washington DC (trilogy: secret path – labyrinth – parallel lines)


“Infinite grace poetry and passion”
“Greek saxophone prodigy Dimitri Vassilakis is revered as the Hellenic god of post-modern expression. A rhapsodic stylist of immense power and authority.”
BBC Music Magazine (labyrinth – album of the month)

“Dimitri has a wonderful voice especially evocative and warm on the ballads…some robust saxophone work and fine arrangements”

Bruce Lundvall (Blue Note Records President) (across the universe)


“Saxophonist-vocalist Dimitri Vassilakis is a dynamic live performer...uses the warmth of his Greek spirit to inform a command of the jazz language...with a series of great Candid recordings to his name...his highflying style full of impassioned lines and impeccable technique, fires his exciting new album.” London Jazz Festival


“Warmth, compassion, love, enlightenment, soothing and positive energies across the universe“

DownBeat Magazine tribute (across the universe)


"An album that's filled with exquisite musicianship, fire, and hard-swinging grooves—could justifiably put Greek saxophonist Dimitrios Vassilakis on the who’s who list of world-class reed players."

All About Jazz New York (secret path)

“His timbre is soaked in thick, slow harmonic molasses…Vassilakis sets himself apart from his idols while striving evermore for his personal sound.”
One Way Magazine LA (parallel lines)


“Leader Vassilakis’ compositions offer a perfect platform for post-modern expression…whiz-kid tenor player from Greece…his style is the post-Coltrane, post-Rollins style…high-energy and immensely fluid.’’
New York Press (labyrinth Live at Birdland, June 2001)


“Vassilakis is a consistently interesting and often very impressive player…conjures amazing depths of color and harmonic resonance from his group…themes inspired by modern jazz filtered through a unique imagination and delivered by a powerfully individual voice.”

The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD (7th edition) (secret path)

“Vassilakis leads a groove-based trio with Essiet Essiet and Jeff “Tain” Watts...I’ve little doubt that if these three played live, it would burn…”
Jazz Times NY (parallel lines)


“A cut above the rest…still spinning furiously on this deck…sparkling set of original tunes from Greek saxophonist…this album is a revelation.”
Ronnie Scott’s magazine (labyrinth)


“Their duet showed that Abdullah Ibrahim and Dimitri Vassilakis have much in common as players; their approach to rhythm and space and a heritage of Eastern intonation. Both players gave bravura performances and their playing provided a tantalizing glimpse of musical possibilities”

The Star (South Africa) (Live at State Theatre Pretoria)


“Ένα άλμπουμ που ξεχειλίζει από ενέργεια και καλή διάθεση.”

Αργύρης Ζήλος Αθηνόραμα (across the universe)


“Σαν ένα καταπράσινο τοπίο, σαν αναδυόμενο άρωμα, σαν ζεστό χαμόγελο, σαν χαμηλός φωτισμός, με ατμόσφαιρα απαλή, φιλική, ανθρώπινη, γλυκιά, βελούδινη ”

Κορνήλιος Διαμαντόπουλος Τζαζ & Jazz (across the universe)


“Το άλμπουμ είναι απλά ότι καλύτερο έχουμε ακούσει εδώ και πολύ καιρό στον χώρο της ‘Ελληνικής’ jazz δισκογραφίας…ο Βασιλάκης εκπλήσσει με το τόσο ώριμο παίξιμό του ενώ επίσης προκαλεί θαυμασμό το υψηλότατο επίπεδο των συνθέσεων του.”

ΗΧΟΣ (secret path)


“O Δημήτρης Βασιλάκης υπογράφει μια σημαντικότατη παρουσία στην διεθνή τζαζ σκηνή και δίνει στον κόσμο μια ιδιαίτερα δημιουργική όσο και απολαυστική μουσική… έχουμε μπροστά μας μια από τις πιο μεστές και καλύτερες τζαζ κυκλοφορίες της χρονιάς.” Γιώργος Χαρωνίτης Jazz & Τζαζ (labyrinth)




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